Introduction to The Possibility Hub podcast series

Hello, I’m Carol Talbot, the creator and founder of The Possibility Hub…taking you beyond the boundaries of who you believe yourself to be and opening to new possibilities. What gives me a “buzz” is to make you think and feel differently…to experience the world differently. I love learning and as a seeker and explorer have traveled far and wide, and over 30 years studying with many wonderful teachers and masters,  learning to utilize many different tools and techniques to create rapid shifts. I’m the author of YOU the Divine Genius and my passion and desire is to create opportunities for an expansion of awareness and consciousness to allow YOU to step into a fuller focus of who YOU really are.

This podcast is an advocate for awakening, encouragement and supporting the development of your superhuman abilities. Imagine how your life would change if you lived in an open state of awareness where anything is possible.

Remember, you are always more than you think you are!


August 16, 2021

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