Gamma Wave Healing, Alpha Centauri and Messages from the Dolphins

In this episode, I’m in conversation with Matthew Ryan based in Taos, New Mexico. Matthew is the developer of a very unique Energetic Healing Modality called Gamma Wave Healing and in this interview, we’ll be exploring just how it came about… it’s quite an extraordinary and out-of-this-world story… literally! You’ll hear how Matthew met beings from Alpha Centauri as well as messages from the dolphins.  Matthew uses Gamma Wave Healing to facilitate energetic clearings and activations of the Holographic DNA for clients around the world as well as facilitating workshops where you can learn the foundational techniques of this modality.


Carol Talbot  

So welcome, Matthew, I’m very excited to have you here on the possibility hub. And now people know a little bit more about you, I’m going to dive straight in. Because, you know, at a young age, you were already psychic, you had your psychic abilities, you were communicating with animals you’d had out-of-body experiences. You were lucid dreaming, you are way ahead of the crowd, even at a very young age. Yet, there was something that happened to you. I believe it was April 2004. That was very, very unusual. And probably rocked your world. What happened?


Matthew Ryan 

Yeah, well, thank you, Carol, for having me here on the podcast, I’m really honored to be able to share these experiences with everybody. Yes, as you said, when when I was a child, though, I didn’t know it at the time, I did come in with what seems to be some pretty heightened gifts, let’s say, you know, the ability to, to dream the future into reality, you know, that those were those lucid dreams that I was having a lot as a child that actually really kind of unnerved me after a little while because I started realizing that I was experiencing things that I had dreamed about, and I would try to change the outcome and I couldn’t alter the outcome of those dreams. And you know, at six, seven years old, I didn’t understand what that was about, you know, I didn’t necessarily even understand like, the communication with animals or things like that the different experiences that I had had with, you know, either, you know, our dog in the family or elk, like a herd of elk that I came across once when I was very young, when we were out in the mountains and, you know, those types of experiences, I didn’t think anything really of it, it was just kind of normal, but eventually I kind of shut those abilities down because like the dreaming I’d mentioned, It kind of bothered me, and I guess I kind of rejected those gifts didn’t realize them as


Just after a series of events when I was a young adult, like a 19 specifically there, there were some shifts that occurred that really began to realign me towards spiritual seeking. And it was while I had already begun that path of you know, maybe like shamanism, let’s say like seeking after shamanism that I moved to New Mexico, I moved to New Mexico in the United States in 2003, to a place called Taos, New Mexico, this is a very sacred place, a very ancient place where the Taos Pueblo people the tea, people that have lived here, they according to their oral tradition, they’ve been here since their emergence after out of the Inner Earth after the Great Flood 1000s of years ago. And so this was a very sacred place. And I came here definitely with a hope and a desire to expand myself to grow these spiritual connections. And then yes, as you mentioned in 2004, on kind of a just a random day at about you know, 12 noon roughly I was hiking up in the mountains behind our house. So I was in our in the National Forest, nobody around me, you know, miles away from civilization. And all of a sudden, you know, while I was just kind of sitting down and resting and had decided right at that moment to get up and head back home. And right at that moment, I looked up above me and out of the partly cloudy, you know, beautiful blue sky, drop down a UFO. And although now I guess they call them peas. But back then we call them UFOs. And so, yeah, out of nowhere, basically, this craft portal, then I don’t have any idea how high it was when it portal then but as soon as I became aware of it, it was very rapidly descending. And that like the sound frequency was really incredible. So as I looked up, I heard the sound that went like Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo. Whoa, whoa, and, and directly above me, like directly above my head. This craft had descended down to right above the level of the treetops. So, you know, maybe, let’s say 100 feet of altitude above me and about 30 meters or something like that, directly above me. And hovering in this craft and my and by the time when the energy had kind of cycled down and it was that very low frequency, there were waves of energy that were coming off of this it almost felt like being in like at the beach with like waves of water hitting you and each one of those waves was in pulsation with that warm that very, very low frequency. And so as I’m looking up at this, this craft the craft was shaped kind of like an almond is so it was kind of pointy on one end and like rounded like a blunt rounded back end of it. It was perfectly chrome silver, perfectly reflective, with no apparent seams or junctions or anything like that on its surface. But it was also invisible or invisible with this, like distortion field around it. So I could see it and simultaneously not see it. And it is really kind of funny. I mean, the first immediate thought that came to my mind was, wow, that’s a low frequency. And it was the lowest frequency I’d ever been exposed to in my life outside of scuba diving when the humpback whales are vocalizing, you know, so it was like that kind of a thing where the frequent, the sound frequency was so low, it penetrated every cell in my body. And then my next thought was, you know, holy cow, I’m gonna get taken. And it wasn’t like fear, you know, it was more like surprise, like going, Oh, my gosh, this is actually happening to me right now. And immediately on the heels of that thought of I’m about to be taken. I had a very clear knowing that came in that said, Wait, no, they’re not taking me they’re talking to me. And so I’m looking up at this spacecraft, which, you know, all of my life, I had known that the ET situation was real, you know, that this was a very real thing that was being withheld from us. And even from the time I, you know, I saw it in the movie theater when I was probably five years old, you know, that I knew that this was a very real situation. So like, it wasn’t surprising to me, like world-shattering but right, you never expect to have a UFO dropped down above you when you’re out on a hike. And so it was an interesting moment. And so in that realization of Wait, no, they’re not taking me they’re talking to me. I tried and kind of my at that point rudimentary way to tune in psychically, like, I wanted to try to understand what was being communicated. And I got nothing like that whatever, I realized very quickly, that whatever was being communicated was outside of the spectrum of my ability to understand so I just, I kind of shut up, didn’t do anything. And I just stood there, like, probably mouth, a jar, you know, looking up at this spacecraft. And so it hovered above me for somewhere between probably 20 and 30 seconds.


And just as an aside, I did not as far as I can tell, I did not experience any last time. This was all my consciousness was totally present. And I was the most alive I’d ever been in my entire life. I mean, it was, it was quite an experience. So yeah, it hovered above me for about maybe 20 to 30 seconds. And then the craft rotated its orientation. And I was in in the bottom of a little kind of side canyon in a bigger Canyon. So I’d gone hiking up into the side canyon in the mountains. And when it rotated, it kind of pointed its nose up the canyon and began moving away from me. So again, visually it was just right above me that I could see it. And as soon as it moved, I lost sight of it. But I could tell its distance from like the Doppler effect because as it was moving further away, it was kind of like an ambulance driving away from you how the sound gets like the siren frequency gets longer and longer and a little bit less intense. So as it moved away from me, I tracked it, you know, which must have it must have covered about a mile or so and was moving into higher elevation and you know, would have been crossing on to the Taos Pueblo land from where I was, was national forest land. And so at a certain point, then it disappeared like the sound of it completely turned off. I could no longer feel the waves of energy coming off of it, it was completely dead silent. And I stood there in a completely silent forest for probably five or six seconds. And then suddenly, all the sounds of the forest came back and I realized, oh my gosh, I was just standing in a completely silent forest, you know, which nobody has ever stood in a completely silent forest before you know when you right it’s there’s it’s like birds in the forest to being switched off. Exactly. It was really a weird feeling. But you know, when when the birds and the squirrels and you know, everything came back within a few seconds. It kind of told me that okay, this isn’t this wasn’t like an event that completely shattered the color of the forest. They basically the forest just waited for this craft to leave and then everything went back to normal as nothing had happened. And so I don’t know, did you go back to normal? Well, no, I didn’t know so that at that moment, I just started laughing and I was like, What the heck just happened, you know? That was crazy. And I thought, Okay, well, I guess it’s time to go home, like, there’s nothing more that’s going to happen that’ll, you know, exceed that. And so, you know, like, as I said, I’d always believed that this was a very real situation. So it didn’t really spin out my mind very much in that kind of way. But I knew that something had happened. And as time went on, from that experience, you know, life, just kind of, you know, it just happened really rapidly, you know, like a normal living and the experience kind of just faded into the background.



New abilities come in where your psychic abilities are enhanced or did it just feel? Okay, that happened. Now life moves on?



Exactly. So, you know, at the time, I didn’t make the types of connections consciously, to what let’s say, like, the product of that encounter ended up being for me, so meaning that over the No, that was in 2004. And so over the next several years, you know, like life happens and my, my then fiancé, you know, we ended up getting married, we had children, we owned a business and we’re like running a gallery over the next few years. And but during that time, I began to become even more interested in energetic healing, more interested in shamanic activations more interested in these, that you know, the wisdom of the East, like I began to ci Gong and Tai Chi practice. So many things were kind of coming into place that I didn’t consciously put together until 2009.



We found you came across somebody who did regression therapy.



Yes, exactly. So up to that point, like I had even learned an energetic healing modality at a workshop and I was, I was putting that, that work into practice just for myself and for friends and family. But in 2009, I had the opportunity to connect with someone that’s become a very close friend of mine named Stacy. And she is a very gifted regression therapist, among many other things. And so in 2009, we ended up going into a regression, you know, I, it was probably my second or third regression that I’ve ever had with her.



Did you know about this experience that you’d had?



I believe that I had mentioned it, but it was never, it never even sat in my mind is something that I would want to go in and look after, you know, it was just like, an awesome experience. And yet, during the regression, she was guided by, you know, the guides that assist her in facilitating the regressions she was, she was guided to go into that experience. And that’s not what our agenda was on that day, you know, so we kind of went on to the sidetrack, which ended up being really life-altering for me. And so she was told to go back into that experience. So under hypnosis, I went back into the experience and was able to re-experience that close encounter and to learn what really had happened. And so, in this regression, what I was shown was that the beings that there were two beings on board this craft, then the craft, again, like I described, it was shaped like an Allman, but it was really like, kind of a small craft, it would be like, you know, kind of personal use, you know, type of situation,



like the fact that you also clarified that it was, you know, an extraterrestrial craft, rather than a man-made craft, from the differences. You know, there is a difference, you know, if there’s, you know, seams and, you know, nuts and bolts, you know, that it was absolutely amazing. So, you got me like that.



Yeah, this I mean, just to describe him, it’s hard to quantify. I mean, it really would have to be something that you would have to have an experience of, but the amount of energy that was coming off of this craft it far far far exceeds anything that our consensus reality would tell us is possible off of something that size, like something the size of a, you know, bigger than an SUV, it was I would best guess maximum 30 feet long. So maybe the size of like a private airplane, but you know, this was like it was a small craft. And you know, that that the energy coming off of it was just extraordinary. There was no doubt in my mind that this was you know, even within the knowledge of the black budget, kind of secret space program things. This just felt so far beyond what you know like a  three or any of those types.

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August 16, 2021

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